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Services Offered


I offer individual counselling with an approach that is compassionate, person-centered, solution-focused and evidence-based to support your unique needs.  Counselling can be short term and longer term, depending on your needs and goals.


My counselling approach encompasses the following core beliefs:

  •  I firmly believe that people are doing the best they can with the resources they have. As each of us adds more resources to our "tool box", we add more capacity to do well, for ourselves, within our relationships and for our communities. Every person is of value with the ability to achieve satisfying and fulfilling lives.

  • Clients are the experts in their own life. The role of a therapist is to provide compassion, understanding, acceptance, and guidance for individuals seeking help to find, or re-learn, the personal wisdom we all possess. Together, we will collaborate and develop strategies, plans, and work towards solutions and healing for you in your unique situation. The process of counseling is unique for every individual and is a collaborative process between the client and the clinician.

  • There is no "one size fits all" approach to therapy, as each person is unique and will benefit from a counselling style that is tailored to meet people where they are at. I incorporate a number of therapeutic models into my work with individuals to address each individual's personal situation and to support them on their journey towards wholeness, healing, living life authentically and with courage.

Personal growth is sometimes painful, but always worth it!

Beach Fun


It is common for couples to go through ups and downs in their relationship, for one partner to feel unhappy, to feel disconnected, or to feel that their needs for intimacy and connection are not being met. Relationship counselling offers couples the opportunity to work together in a supportive environment, to talk through their thoughts and feelings, and to identify how the relationship isn't meeting their expectations.

Some common issues that bring couples into therapy may include:


  • Major life change and transition such as moving, becoming parents, changing jobs, losing jobs, becoming empty nesters, coping after extramarital affairs, recovering from addiction, caring for aging parents. Therapy affords couples an opportunity to negotiate these transitions with as little disruption possible and to explore and honour what the transition means to each partner.

  • Communication is another concern for couples. Talking with each other "more" isn't always the answer. Both parties need to feel heard, validated, soothed, respected and cared for to feel safe and secure within the relationship and feel comfortable sharing their experiences. Couples counseling provides the opportunity to explore old communication patterns and replace them with more effective ones.

  • Couples therapy gives space for couples to talk through their feelings and articulate how their relationship may not be meeting their expectations. Often times one or both partners may feel stuck within the relationship. That sense of being "in a rut" can shift when couples can find common ground and learn to compromise in a way that ensures each individual's needs are met.

Holding Hands

If you are struggling and think counselling might be for you, or you'd like to learn more about how to support your loved one, please contact me!

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